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GO-HOME!  Make your 180 turn, in

the comfort of your own home...



Fitness doesn't have to be complicated, but it isn't easy.  Having a personal trainer guide you through your workout and give you feedback as you go, is priceless.  Train in your pj's and cut out your commute time!


Try GO-Home!  Personal Training via the web, and you may never step foot in a gym again!

Skype for
Personal Training





Train in your fuzzy socks, but don't expect to be coddled beyond that!  Take your training to a whole new level with personalized feedback for form and function.

No fancy equipment is required--just a will to get your workout done in your own time, and in your own place.  Get your workout head to toe...fuzzy socks included.


Four - 50 Minute
Weekly Sessions
Skype for
Gentle Mobility

Gentle, flowing yoga & mobility is a woderful way to start OR end your day, with a workout that leaves you feeling more energized, than when you started.  We will keep it simple & easy to follow.

With an emphasis on the lower back, hips, and easy to understand poses--you will be able to flow into a newly flexible you, from the first session!

Eight - 50 Minute
Bi-Weekly Sessions
Skype for
Nutrition Training

Six weeks of nutrition training should be undertaken when you are READY to commit to focusing on your daily food intake and nutrition education.  Food journaling is key to awareness & is worth the time.

Learn practical tips, as well as technical food facts that can change how you view your food for fuel--forever.

Skype for Run/Walk Training

POSTURE, POWER, PLACEMENT, and PATTERN is the P4 foundation of good running form with GO-180 Fitness.

Rehab your running form, as well as learn exercises to incorporate into your strength routine to improve your entire process.  Commit to FOUR sessions & get started.

Pick a race goal--5k, 10k, or 1/2 marathon, and begin training!